1450 East Valley Road, Ste 101
Basalt, CO 81621

Tel: 970-279-4111 
Fax: 970-927-3915

Billing Office: Call our Front Desk 970-279-4111
Med Tech Direct Line 970-315-0216

We are a group of healthcare professionals committed to CARING for you, not just TREATING you.

We take the time to talk with you and know you as a person, because we want you to feel comfortable and confident in the care you receive. 

Hours & Availability

Since injury and illness don't schedule appointments in advance, we offer extended hours and reserve time on our calendar for unexpected situations.  

Office Hours -- Monday through Friday 9-5
Appointments -- (970) 279-4111

For non-urgent care, we ask that you schedule an appointment.

AFTER HOURS -- You may speak with Dr. Locke directly regarding urgent matters by calling 970-279-4111 and following the prompts.